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my art rotg rise of the guardians blackice Jack Frost Pitch Black jack frost x pitch black some kind of au i guess i'm still attempting to write that fic by the way it's fun but difficult as i'm not exactly an experienced writer also i've hit a bit of a mental dump lately so there's that

... Jack Frost, Pitch Black, texts from last night, Sep 7 ... About Texts from Rise of the Guardians. ... Powered by Tumblr. Texts from Rise of the Guardians - textsfromrotg.tumblr.com textsfromrotg, rise of the guardians, nicholas st. north, e. aster bunnymund, Sandman, Jack Frost, toothiana, Pitch Black, ... Powered by Tumblr. "Daddy" (Jack Frost/Pitch) (4/28) - VAPORWAVE BABY "Daddy" (Jack Frost/Pitch) ... all Jack Frost can do now is feel. Pitch slowly drags his teeth down his throat, ... # Pitch Black # Jack Frost # blackice

Jack Frost/Pitch Black; Jack Frost (Guardians of Childhood) ... From a tumblr Imagine your OTP prompt: where one is the Fully Functional Adult™ and the other has ...

Set about 200 years after the book series, the film tells a story about the Guardians (North or Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, Bunnymund or the Easter Bunny, and the Sandman), who enlist Jack Frost to stop Pitch Black from engulfing the … Jelsa - DeniseSiah22 - Wattpad Read the best stories about #comment, #comedy, and #elsa recommended by DeniseSiah22

Jack Frost/Pitch Black; Pitch Black (Rise Of The Guardians) Jack Frost (Rise of the Guardians) Dark; Vague descriptions of torture; Breathplay; Death; darkjack; Reminder that the Evil Boyfriends are in fact evil boyfriends; Summary. In which Jack learns a valuable lesson, and sometimes Pitch is the voice of reason. Series. Part 12 of The Evil ...

invisiblejack.tumblr.com Jack Frost + Tumblr posts. Sep 22 +3732 via source reblog. tagged jack, Sep 17 +1586 via source reblog. queenelinor: jack frost + profile . tagged jack, Aug 21 +7424 via reblog. chiaroscuroterror: invisiblejack: for the hot dads AU . PITCH BLACK as XERXES (from 300) the GOLDEN AGE. Icy Tears -ROTG BlackIce original fanfic Mar 29, 2013 · “Black ice…so Jack is the one behind all of this.” A small whine sounded from the distance. Pitch snapped his head up at the familiar sound and quickly shifted into shadows once more, reappearing at the top of a tree, looking down at the small battle that took place. Below Jack Frost shot a bolt of ice towards one of his missing nightmares. You can't kill fear, Jack. - pitchfrost.tumblr.com black-ice-haven: Rating: NC-17. Warnings: Alcohol use, heavy mention of North/Pitch, and bottom!Pitch. NSFW. Summary: When Jack leaves a present for Pitch, Pitch offers him anything he wants in return. With some help from a bottle of peppermint liquor, Jack figures out what he wants: Pitch. Pitch Black / Jack Frost. Pitch Black x Jack Frost Comics - blackice-comics.tumblr.com


HI Jack what's the best way to annoy bunny? Have you ever thought of pranking pitch, you could sneek into his lair, dye the horses neon colors, put colorful streamers every where, and dye pitches hair pink and draw a french mustache on him in permanent marker. Sweet Dreams • Jack/Pitch - YouTube