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What does a hybrid sim slot mean? - Quora Hybrid sim slot means, phone which support only 2 slots(2 sim or 1 sim + 1 memory card at a time) So, Only Two choice Hybrid sim slot phone users 1. Use dual sim (one micro sim + nano sim) 2. Use one sim & one memory card (one micro sim + memory c... What does “Hit Frequency” mean? - what does hit frequency mean The hit frequency in online slots is the term virtual casino use to indicate how often the slot will stop on a winning combination. In order, to explain it correctly, it is necessary to use an example if a slot machine has an 8% hit frequency it indicates that the slot will halt on a winning combination around 8% of ...

Its just me and a friend so is the Slot thing just the max client conexition per server or does it also regular f.E. the proccesor of the server they will give me? I can´t get in touch with their helpdesk so I want to ask here if someone is familiar with this kind of server renting and may guess what effect the slots will have. thx!

It means that, in the long term, the slots pay back 98%. That means: one lucky player gets away with 10 million jackpot, the other pay for the winning, the casino takes the difference. Lara A. TeamSpeak 3 Servers - What is meant by "Slots"? - Game ...

R510 pcie slots. What does G2 mean? V2? or something else

What Does RTP Mean In Slots? - Slots with a lower volatility will churn out winnings for the players, and depending on the wager per spin, the player may come out pretty all right from a sitting on the slots, resulting in an exciting game that puts the player back to even terms, or walking out with some winnings. What does time slot mean? definition, meaning and ... • TIME SLOT (noun) The noun TIME SLOT has 1 sense: 1. a time assigned on a schedule or agenda. Familiarity information: TIME SLOT used as a noun is very rare. Video Casino: What Do the Lights at the Top of Slots Mean ...

It means: "Read the owners manual" The manual will give a diagram or list of which fuse is for what.

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